About me

As a creative consultant based in Cologne, Germany, my areas of focus are art and film. I helped to create multiple exhibitions, events and films in different countries (e.g. Canada, Iran, Korea, UK and Germany). 

I've worked with clients like Museum Abteiberg, Fuhrwerkswaage art space, Zonta Cologne Art Award and film productions like Bildersturm and Corso Film, as well as the regional film fund consultant for Low Budget Film & Documentaries for the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW.

As a board member of the Filmbüro NW, advisory board member of the KunstSalon, jury member of the Zonta Cologne Art Award, as well as a Graduation Film jury member for the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, I get insights into the future of the art world and can help to strengthen the regional film industry.

Besides working on commissioned projects, I travel all over the country attending film festivals and art exhibitions in order to gain new inspiration and inspire others.

When I'm not on the run making my and my clients visions come true, I love spending time with my Iranian family or traveling around the world with my Canadian partner.